The First R&D Center of The Industry

R&D in the Engineering Sector

Yüksel Proje attaches importance to research and development activities in the engineering sector, in which it undertakes projects that will improve people's lives. With its qualified R&D personnel the company works with the following objectives:

  • Implementing new and pioneering practices
  • Increasing the number of qualified projects
  • Supporting the personnel in their creative ideas and enable these to be turned into products
  • Ensuring that the outcome is the right product.


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Digital Transformation and BIM

By taking on different roles in many areas - from transportation structures to industrial facility projects - Yüksel Proje carries out and coordinates the processes relating to Building Information Modeling which today is at the center of digitalization in the construction sector.

  • R&D Projects
  • Academic Publications
  • Digitalization and Construction 4.0 
  • Virtual Design in Construction (VDC)
  • Geographic Information System
  • Design Automation
  • Digital Twin
  • Reality Technologies
  • Information Management
  • Cloud Computing in Construction
  • ICT in Construction Management

Digital Transformation and BIM



Combining engineering solutions with artistic and aesthetic solutions forms the scope of the Design Group.

Environmentally friendly, functional, aesthetic and harmonious solutions are produced using socio-cultural analysis and synthesis studies, field studies, observation, idea-concept and sketch studies, technological drawings and visualization techniques.

The projects take into account the applicability of the design which is produced in coordination with other related disciplines:

Arge Tasarim

  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Conceptual Design
  • Product Design



  • Landscaping and Landscape Design
  • (VR&AR) Virtual Reality
  • Real Time Rendering
  • Animation
  • Post-Production



Engineering Analysis

In engineering designs, the evaluation of economic factors, optimization and the development of designs with renewable energy sources form the basis of engineering analyses.

New technologies and software are used in the studies which are carried out in coordination with different disciplines within the scope of engineering analysis;


  • Radio Coverage Analysis
  • High-Low Voltage Simulation
  • CER Power Analysis
  • Acoustic Analysis
  • CCTV Visualization Simulation
  • Lighting Simulation
  • Vibration Analysis


  • Passenger Simulation
  • Emergency Evacuation Simulation
  • CFD/HAD Analysis
  • Signaling System Design
  • Tunnel Ventilation Simulation
  • Engineering Calculations with Software Languages


Ar Ge Muhendislik Analizleri


By combining its technical experience of over 40 years and with its software power, Yüksel Proje performs process management with maximum efficiency, both internally and outside.



Yuksel Proje Yazilim Gelistirme

R&D Projects

Eyup Kati Atik3 Arge

Energy Efficiency

It covers projects that aim to reduce the amount of energy required to provide products and services.

Istanbul (Eyüp) Domestic Waste Incineration Facilities


Akilli Ulasim Sistemleri Arge

Smart Transport Systems

Projects that involve monitoring, measuring, analysis and control mechanisms through the use of multi-directional data exchange between the user, the vehicle, the infrastructure and the center. Its purpose is the reduction of travel time, efficient use of existing road capacity, increased mobility, efficient use of energy and minimal damage to the environment.

3-Deck Great Istanbul Tunnel

Zigana Tuneli Arge

Bridge, Tunnel and Alignment Engineering

Studies are undertaken in areas like research into new technologies and methods in bridge design and studies for the assessment of the existing status, development of innovative and creative ventilation systems in tunnel projects, development of software for fast and reliable solutions in highway designs, development of new methods for analyses of domestic ballastless superstructure systems in railway designs and rail-structure interaction analysis in high-speed railway bridges.

Zigana Tunnel

Iski Masterplan Arge

Water Research

It covers projects involved in urban drainage and the integrated dynamic modeling of rainwater systems and stream systems, the development of a methodology for flood management, development of a design methodology for designing flood channels in the form of recreational water channels.

Istanbul Potable Water and Sewarage Master Plan


Deprem Yonetmelikleri Arge

Seismic Research

It involves international studies in which modern and economical methods are used to design earthquake resistant structures for all transport and distribution facilities.

Preparation of a Seismic Code for Transport and Distribution Facilities


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