Ethical Values

Our Ethical Values in Yüksel Proje in 7 Articles


We build our business activities and relationships on honesty and expect the same sensitivity from our employees and all parties we do business with in order to take the right steps.


To our stakeholders with whom we are in open communication; during our activities, we avoid behaving in a manner that harms the sense of trust towards the environment, society and humanity within our sphere of influence and harms the principle of justice.


We ask, learn, try to understand employee and customer expectations, incorporate their views into our management strategies and form our sustainability performance planning transparently.


By integrating with knowledge
and action, we follow innovations
and developments in order to continue
to be a pioneer in our industry.

Commitment and Solidarity

We are committed to our responsibilities; we strive to conduct our business in solidarity in line with the welfare of the society and the service ideals of our company.


By using the acquired knowledge effectively; we ensure that it is shared with the right methods and that information confidentiality, integrity and accessibility in this process are within legal framework.


Equality and Respect 

We make equal and fair decisions by respecting the physical and intellectual rights of each individual, without discriminating against various identities based on gender, sexual orientation, marital status, ethnicity, age, religion, sect, language, socio-economic level, health status and disability.

We expect all third parties and external stakeholders with whom we have a business relationship to show the utmost care to each code of ethics that Yüksel Proje managers and employees are obliged to comply with.

Our ethics committee, which follows our commitment to our ethical values, reviews the regulation every year and updates it if the need is determined.
In case such situations and behaviors that violate our ethical values, summarized in "Our Ethical Values in Yüksel Proje in 7 Articles", are detected, you can reach Yüksel Project Ethics Committee via etik@yukselproje.com.tr.

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