Through combining digital solutions in the construction industry with their technical experience of over 40 years and their software power, Yüksel Proje ensures efficiency in process management both internally and outside their organization.

Software Solutions based on Technical Needs

Our Sectoral Experiences in Digital Solutions

With our innovative solutions to special requirements we provide automation in technical work processes and adopt a data driven approach;

  • Drilling Information System
  • Software for Information for Geological-Geotechnical Field Research Studies
  • Software for Reinforced Concrete Walls
  • Script and plug-in applications on GIS platformsı


BIM Support Tools

Processes are accelerating with BIM Support Tools

In projects where Building Information Modeling (BIM) is used, we develop BIM support tools to accelerate all processes throughout the project's lifecycle. By transferring our experience in BIM applications to the support tools we have developed, we resolve the difficulties that may be encountered in the transition to BIM use.


CAD Automation Software

The production process of design documents is shortened

We develop a variety of software that provides process automation in widely used CAD programs, facilitates manual work, and can produce solutions to every type of need. We aim to minimize the production time of project design documents using our software solutions that function parametrically and provide automatic output.

Software for R&D / Design Centre Management

We have combined our R&D Centre experience with our strength in software

We have developed an integrated software system for the monitoring and reporting needs of the entire work process of R&D / Design Centers.

  • Integration of the Personnel Attendance Control System
  • R&D Project Management
  • Monitoring of 'Time Spent Outside'
  • Incentive Monitoring
  • Payroll Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Inventory Management


Yazilim Arge Tasarim Merkezi

Yazilim Bulut Tabanli Kurum Icin Erp

Cloud Based/In-House ERP Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) processes are becoming digital through dynamic and customizable software.

With our cloud or server based software solutions we ensure that all operational resources are managed efficiently.

  • Project Management
  • IK Management
  • Operation Management
  • Accountancy and Finance Management
  • Procurement / Stock Management
  • Quality Management
  • OHS Management
  • BT Management
  • Business Intelligence


Document Management Systems

Different management strategies based on the project

With our Document Management Systems that offer web-based and industry-specific features we achieve the following:;

  • The identification, tracking, archiving and querying of every kind of information, and documents produced within the organisation
  • Thanks to its flexible and customizable program structure, the use of different document management strategies based on the project
  • Creating your document definitions according to your needs
  • Keeping track of all revisions and past records of documents
  • Follow-up of all processes relating to project work-flow, task assignment, project delivery and documents.


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