The most important wealth to attain the strategic objective of Yüksel Proje acting with “People Oriented Approach” and aiming to grow together with its employees and customers at every stage of the management is human resources.


• Pursuing transparent and clear management policy for the employees
• Giving priority to motivation of the employees
• Providing continuous training and self-improvement opportunities for the employees
• Maximizing employees’ efficiency by making career planning for them
• Creating opportunity equality among the employees
• Ensuring protection of tangible and intangible rights of the employees
• Constant reviewing, updating and development of the Human Resources Policy.

Applications collected via internet are first subjected to CV screening, and subsequently, the suitable candidates take the exams at different levels (English- Personality Inventory-Skills Test) based on the applied position. Following evaluation of the exam success of the candidates, “Capability Based Human Resources Interview” to know the candidates better and “Technical Interviews” to know their technical knowledge more detail are realized. Following this phase, the final decision is made on the candidate by taking into account both the interview comments and evaluation notes on various criteria basis and if the candidate is approved, they will be gained to Yüksel Proje.


Yüksel Proje carries out the training activities according to “Organizational Training Process Area”. In this scope; Five-year Strategic Training Plan, Annual Training Plan and Quarter Semester Training Plans are prepared.
Yüksel Proje’s employees participate in trainings or activities in the following areas:
• Strategic Plan Aims
• Project Requirements
• Performance Evaluation Process Outputs
• Following innovations and technological developments in the fields of operation

Furthermore, the trainings and orientation processes required based on the position to be undertaken by every newly recruited staff are defined