Integrated Management System Policy

Integrated Management System Policy

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For Yüksel Proje, perfection is to create sustainable and permanent business results in line with the principle of equality on the axis of customer, employee and community.

Customer Orientation

Yüksel Proje focuses on creating value for the customer and fully meeting the customer’s expectations. Yüksel Proje aims to keep customer satisfaction and the risks and opportunities that may affect the conformity of the services at the highest level and to ensure business continuity in all activities related to the customer.

Continuous Improvement

Yüksel Proje ensures continuous development by investing in technology, its employees, work processes, the environment, occupational health and safety and by conducting regular internal audits. It uses the recommendations and complaints from its employees, clients and third parties as a tool for continuous improvement.

Environment and Social Responsibility Consciousness

Yüksel Proje performs the works within its scope of activities in compliance with the environment related legislation, environmental management system standards and business ethics. It pays attention to the protection of the environment by prevention of pollution, management of wastes in accordance with the requirements, recovery and reuse incentives.

The Company undertakes to provide the necessary training activities required for the employees to fulfill their duties and responsibilities in order to ensure that the environmental management system is a permanent, self- improving structure that follows technological developments. Yüksel Proje, aware of its duties towards the social stakeholders, plays an active role in voluntary social responsibility projects in addition to its work related with the environment. 

Investment in Human Resources

Yüksel Proje is aware of the fact that the most important value is human resource and employs the technical staff having necessary competence and awareness. It allows employees to improve themselves by investing money in tools and training activities that increases their productivity. It aims to create a working environment with cooperation and solidarity and to keep the quality at the highest level. 

Occupational Health and Safety Consciousness

Yüksel Proje recognizes that occupational health and safety is an indispensable element in all areas of its field in which it operates and carries out its activities in accordance with the legal regulations and standards.

In this respect, Yüksel Proje is committed to providing training activities for its employees in order to create and develop occupational health and safety awareness, and by conducting timely and accurate risk analysis, intends for hazards to be identified and eliminated in advance, and thus undertakes to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. 

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