Yazarlar: Hasan Özaslan, Atilla Horoz, Orhan Erol
Yayın Yeri : International Conference on Underground Space Use
Yayın Yılı : 2002
Açıklama : Istanbul Metro System undercrosses the historical French Palace between the chainage km: 9+880 to km: 9+965 and there were restrictions on the ground displacements. Subsidence due to tunnel excavation in the particular site and even minor cracks were not allowed in the Palace building according the project specifications. Excessive settlement at the ground level and cracks were observed in the service buildings situated some 30 m distance from the Palace building during the tunnel excavations. There were serious concerns regarding the stability of the masonry Palace building which is sensitive to ground movements. The construction of the tunnel was stopped and an extensive investigation program was undertaken including borings, ground water observations and settlement measurements around the Palace building. It was found that the excessive settlement problems arise from the presence of loose/soft man made fill under the damaged service buildings. The tunnel support system was redesigned and strengthened for a safe undercrossing the Palace; and the construction was completed with success. The paper summarizes the findings from the investigation, the causes of the excessive settlements and associated damages to the service buildings and the lessons learnt from the case presented.