Yazarlar: A. Rıza Günbak, Işıkhan Güler, K. Tunç Gökçe
Yayın Yeri : Proceeding of The International on Coastal Engineering No:23 Proceedings of 23rd Conference on Coastal Engineering (Venice-Italy)
Yayın Yılı : 1992
Açıklama : This paper summarises the studies carried out about sedimentation and erosion problems of Yakakent Fishery Habor. Since the start of the construction of the harbor, accretion in the west coast and erosion in the east coast occurs. Additionally, the entrance of the harbor shoals. As a result of accretion at the west coast shoreline moved towards sea and about 300meters of the breakwater was on land. Erosion at the east coast of the harbor caused collapse of two houses which were about 20meters inside the original shoreline. After identifying the causes, precautions for sedimentation and erosion problems are again studied using one-line model and a series of precautions are recommended.