Yazarlar: Mehmet Ali Taşdemir, Mehmet Öztürk, Serap Erdoğdu, Yılmaz Ekkaya
Yayın Yeri : 3rd Asian Conference on Ecstasy in Concrete, ACECON, Chennai, 12/1/2010 – 12/1/2010
Yayın Yılı : 2010
Açıklama : The Marmaray Bosphorus Crossing Project, the deepest immersed tube tunnel in the world, is presented as an important example of record-breaking mega projects in Turkey, started in 2004. The main parts of the Marmara project are an immersed tunnel of 1.38 km, a TBM tunnel with a total length of 18.72 km as a twin-bore tunnel, and a NATM tunnel of 250 m. The immersed tunnel is composed of 11 elements that are 15.3 m wide, 8.6 m high and a maximum of 135 m long. The immersion depth will be a maximum of 60 m.
Durability is one of the parameters of serviceability of the structure and therefore during the design stage all parameters were evaluated together in order to check compliance with the service life time requirement which was targeted for the overall project. The composition of the concrete mixture was optimized by pre-testings to resist the relevant exposure conditions that impact concrete’s durability, including early age cracking, alkali silica reactivity, sulfate resistance, freeze-thaw and corrosion. Methods to be applied during construction for ensuring durability requirements is another step of the studies such as quality control system for constituent materials, hardening and hardened concrete properties, curing of concrete and methodology for repairs.