Zeytinburnu is located at central part of Istanbul on the European coast, close to international airport and touristic historical sites. Although the region is an attraction center for maritime transportation, a passenger terminal with adequate wharf capacity is not available in this section of İstanbul.

Based upon needs, survey, feasibility and planning studies were carried out; a coastal area of approximately 350.000 sqm was determined as the port area on Zeytinburnu coast. An area of 400.000 sqm was recovered from the sea by seafill for the additional facilities. Port is planned to provide for berthing of 6 passenger ships at the same time. 3 passenger ship quays were designed with lengths of 250, 300 and 400 meters. In addition to the passenger terminal, 2 marina basins with total boat a capacity of 1200 were planned. The coastal strip of approximately 1.000 meters, which connects the marinas to the cruise port is planned as a coast for visitors.