Kurtköy Metro Station designed within Sabiha Gökçen – Kurtköy Metro Line and Cendere Viaduct designed within 1-Deck Great Istanbul Tunnel are granted an award in the categories of architectural, buildings and structure design under A’ Design Awards (A’ Design Award and Competition). Viaduct is awarded with the bronze design and Kurtköy Station is the finalist.

Cendere Viaduct has been previously awarded in the category of transportation under the competition of Transport MasterPrize (AMP).

A’ Design Award and Competition, which is the greatest design competition in the World and rewards the best design Works, design concepts, products and services, is accepted by the authorities as a competition with the feature of free application in 98 different categories from 106 countries.

Cendere Viaduct, where innovative and modern solutions are produced by breaking with the traditional methods, attracts the attention as a unique structure symbolized 3-Deck Great Istanbul Tunnel on the surface.

Contrary to traditional metro design methods; the rough works and interior architecture design of the station are worked out together in Kurtköy Station and the station’s comfort level is increased with the daylight by skylight. Kurtköy Station comes to fore as an innovative and pioneer project with its integrated and symbolic design.