Yazarlar: Cenan Özkaya, Fikret Tulumtaş, Gülden Çetin
Yayın Yeri : 7th New York City Bridge Conference
Yayın Yılı : 2013
Açıklama : In this paper, design of a highway viaduct located in a landslide area is studied.
The depth of landslide is expected to be up to 20 meters from the surface. At the time of construction,
since retrospective inclinometer data was not available, movement rate of the mobilized
soil was unknown during harsh climatic conditions etc. One alternative is to design a foundation
system capable of resisting all forces and displacements resulting from mobilized soil for even the
greatest movement rate that could be expected. Another alternative is to keep span lengths of the
structure as large as possible with a foundation system having technically feasible small dimensions
in order to not to be affected by the mobilized soil as much as possible. The second alternative
was adopted with165 cm diameter composite piles having a thick steel tube and steel fiber reinforced
concrete in the foundation system.