Yazarlar: Dr. Cenan Özkaya, Gülden Çetin, Fikret Tulumtaş
Yayın Yeri : 9th International Conference on Short and Medium Span Bridges Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Yayın Yılı : 2014
Açıklama : Esenler Viaduct is a single track LRT (Light Rapid Transit) viaduct located in Istanbul, Turkey. Total bridge length
is 291 meters for Part-1 bridge and 128 meters for Part-2 bridge. Part-2 bridge has 5 spans with a maximum span
length of 40 meters, whereas Part-1 bridge has 10 spans with smaller span lengths. Platform width of the viaduct is
5.30 meters. Part of the viaduct is horizontally curved with a minimum radius of curvature R= 85 meters. A
composite superstructure consisting of two steel U girders and cast in place R/C slab is selected to provide high
torsional stiffness. To eliminate lateral torsional buckling risk of narrow top flanges during slab concrete pouring,
horizontal bracing is also utilized. Previously constructed substructure of Part-1 bridge is retrofitted and upgraded
due to its inadequate seismic performance. Since Istanbul is an earthquake prone city, which is likely to be affected
by a major earthquake in near future, a seismic isolation system consisting of lead rubber bearings (LRB) is selected
to reduce the seismic demands. Full scale dynamic prototype tests of the bearings are performed at EUCentre
laboratory, with a maximum test velocity of 750 mm/sec. Construction of the viaduct has beeen completed in
April 2013.
Key words: LRT, horizontally curved, seismic isolation, steel, composite