Yazarlar: Ahmet Cevdet Yalçıner, Ayşen Ergin, Cüneyt Baykal, Ilgar Şafak, Işıkhan Güler
Yayın Yeri : Seventh International Congress on Advances in Civil Engineering
Yayın Yılı : 2006
Açıklama : A numerical model is developed to determine wind wave induced shoreline changes by solving sand continuity equation and taking one line theory as a base, in existence of Igroins and T-groins, whose dimensions and locations may be given arbitrarily. The model computes the transformation of deep water wave characteristics up to the surf zone and eventually gives the result of shoreline changes with user-friendly visual outputs. Herein, a modification to a readily accepted one-line model as sheltering effect of groins on wave breaking and diffraction is introduced together with representative wave input as annual average wave height. Compatibility of the currently developed tool is tested by a case study and it is shown that the results, obtained from the model, are in good agreement qualitatively with field measurements. Keywords: Longshore sediment transport, Shoreline change, Groin, Numerical modeling, Wave hindcasting